JGS Tools

Jolly Giant Software includes several programs and tools with QWS3270 Secure.  For details on how to use these tools please see their associated help files.  The tools are:

  • JGS Script Editor™ - A utility that provides a GUI interface to allow scripts that run with QWS3270 Secure to be modified.  The JGS Script Editor can be used to edit existing scripts or create new scripts.
  • JGS LPD™ - A Line Printer Daemon for printing from the mainframe to the PC. The application works together with LPR (Line Print Requester) applications which send print requests to a system running the JGS LPD software.  JGS LPD accepts the print requests and redirects them to printers that are locally attached to the PC or are attached via the network.
  • .Net Automation
  • QWS3270 Automation - A help file for the COM/Automation component included with QWS3270 Secure.
  • QWS3287 Printer™ - allows you to route mainframe print data to a local printer by defining your PC printer as a 3287 line printer.
  • JGS Scratch Pad - A scratch pad for capturing text for later use from the emulator screen.
  • JGS Screen History - supports capturing of screen history, with the ability to go back and review past screens without affecting the current session. 

JGS Script Editor, JGS LPD and QWS3287 Printer are  trademarks of Jolly Giant Software Inc.