Introduction to QWS3270 Secure

QWS3270 Secure is a standards compliant TN3270, a widely used protocol for encapsulating 3270 data streams in TCP sessions. It is an emulation application that allows desktop computers to connect to IBM mainframes over an existing TCP/IP connection.  QWS3270 Secure supports the SSL 2, SSL 3 and TLS standards.

QWS3270 Secure comes with many standard features including:

  • support for IBM's IND$FILE file transfer protocol

  • custom keyboard layout

  • support for host graphics in both vector and programmed symbol modes

  • an entry assist feature that includes word wrap, word tab, word delete, margin settings, and typewriter style tab stops

  • Dynamic Data Exchange support

  • customizable toolbars

  • full support for the HLLAPI standards specification

  • a feature to record and playback keystrokes

  • COM Automation support

  • Telnet Environment Option (RFC 1572) support

  • Express Logon support

  • Tabbed sessions

QWS3270 Secure is a trademark of Jolly Giant Software Inc.