Common Problems

There are a very few problems that our users seem to experience from time to time.  The following section will attempt to provide solutions for the most common issues.  If these suggestions don't resolve your problem or your problem is not listed here, please contact us for more information.  You can open a support ticket by emailing your question details to: - Jolly Giant Software technical information and support

For questions about HLLAPI programming or COM programming please send an email to Although we can not write your program for you we will certainly help you get started.

Connection Problems

QWS3270 Secure  attempts to provide you as much information about connection errors as possible. If your connection fails, look carefully at the main QWS3270 Secure window after a failed connection attempt. There should be some messages as to why the connection failed.

Time out errors

It could be that the host you are trying to connect to is not on-line or that there are network issues between your computer and the host.  You should first confirm that you have a working Internet connection by connecting to several web sites via a Web Browser.  The next step would be to contact the administrator of the remote host to confirm that the host is on-line. You should also confirm that you have the correct connection information for this host and that the server you wish to connect to is not behind a firewall.  If your connection still times out when you are not actively exchanging information with the host, you can enable the Keep-Alive options.

WS error 05a8 - connection failed

There are usually two reasons for this error. The first is an incorrect port number. Make sure you specified the correct port to use for the connection in the Host options dialog. The second reason is that the host you are trying to connect to is not a 3270 host or does not understand the telnet protocol. If you are trying to connect to a web server for instance you will get this error.

Unable to resolve host name

This could mean that you have provided an incorrect host name or IP address in the host options dialog. Make sure that the host name or IP address is correct. Contact the network administrator of the remote host to make sure that the host is on-line.

Window Resizing

The window always goes full-screen

You probably chose a font that is too large to be displayed in a smaller window. If you choose a font that is too large, QWS3270 Secure will maximize the window and choose the largest possible font that will fit within the window. Try using a smaller font or increasing your screen resolution.

The window resizes but the font stays the same

You need to choose a True Type font so the application can resize the font to fit the window size. Many non True Type fonts only have a small number of sizes so there may not be a size available to fit your current window size. Try using a True Type font.

I can't resize the window with the mouse

QWS3270 Secure allows you to disable the window border. The border needs to be enabled to allow resizing the window with the mouse. Use the Options/Application menu item and make sure the 'Window Border' option is checked.

Code Pages

Some of my characters don't display correctly

A common problem is that certain characters are not displayed correctly or that they display correctly on the QWS3270 Secure screen but not after you press an AID key and the data is returned from the host.  Most likely the reason for this is a code page that does not correspond to the one the host is using. This problem is common with programmers using square brackets or curly braces in code. To display these characters correctly change the mainframe code page in the Host options dialog to "037C English-US C/370".